Nutschell Anne Windsor | Founder and President (Head Scribe)

Nutschell (pronounced Noo-SHELL, in case you were wondering) Anne Windsor is a middle grade/young adult fantasy writer who hails from the Philippines and now lives in sunny Los Angeles. She is the Founder and President of CBW-LA and is the Assistant Regional Adviser of the L.A. Region of SCBWI (Society for Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators).

Nutschell founded the Children’s Book Writers of Los Angeles ( in 2010 with the hope of sharing knowledge with fellow children’s book writers in the area. Following a BA in Psychology from the University of the Philippines (Diliman), Nutschell became an English teacher at Miriam College High School. Currently, she is the Creative Writing (Online) and Events Rep for UCLA Extension Writers’ Program.

Nutschell’s experiences have turned her into a detail-oriented, organized planner, and she uses these skills to teach and facilitate workshops and critique sessions for CBW-LA. She is also an active member of the blogging community. She shares writing tips, techniques and reports on various writing events at and on Twitter @nutschell.

A Jane-of-all-Trades, Nutschell’s interests include photography, traveling, sketching, playing the guitar and drums, playing basketball, badminton, billiards and singing in the shower. She can be a toughie as shown by her current ranking as Brown 2 Belt in the Filipino martial art of Escrima. But mostly, Nutschell is a softie who enjoys watching funny cat videos and baking yummy desserts.

Lucy Ravitch | Secretary (Second Scribe)

Lucy lives in the Los Angeles area and is a stay-at-home mom who loves to read and write children’s picture books. She uses her Elementary Education degree when she is thinking of new topics to write about.

You will find her writing picture books or board books with various math concepts sprinkled throughout her manuscript. She has been a member of SCBWI since early 2010 and a member of CBW-LA since June 2010 before it was officially named CBW-LA. She is the Vice President (AKA Second Scribe) where she helps the Head Scribe, Nutschell, with planning and logistics of the group meetups. Lucy also loves to hike, play tennis, do quilting projects, and spend quality “goofy time” with her kids and husband.

Tiffani Barth | Treasurer (Chamberlain)

Tiffani Barth was born and raised in upstate NY. The second of seven children (5 boys, 2 girls), she had a built in audience for endless bedtime stories, and probably the most motivating family fan base one could ask for. Now, six manuscripts later, she is ready to share her stories with the world.

The abundance of little siblings created a love of writing Young Adult and Middle Grade fantasy, which she is actively working on. She is consistently surprised by the hidden truths and realities provided by imaginary worlds and situations, and loves how these stories allow her to see her own world with a new and hopefully better perspective.

She has a BA in Film, and has spent a number of years in LA working in television. Recently she moved to Salt Lake City, to pursue other career options. She loves to travel and draw on the beauty of nature and the mountains for inspiration.

Tiffani is the treasurer for CBW-LA, and is also a member of SCBWI. Outside of writing she enjoys camping, hiking, playing music, going to movies, and exploring off the grid nooks within her own city. She can usually be found in a hole in the wall café, sipping tea and plugging away at her latest novel.

Alana Garrigues | Publications Director (Stationer)

Alana Garrigues is a freelance journalist and creative nonfiction author. Originally from the bookish mecca of Portland, Oregon, she now lives the sunshine life in Redondo Beach, California, where she writes for the local newspaper and raises identical twin girls with her husband.

She is currently writing a “humorous humanitarian” book about a California nurse who uprooted from her laid-back, beach town lifestyle to move to the bush of Benin, West Africa to found a non-profit. Other projects include rough drafts of several children’s stories scribbled into notebooks, awaiting rediscovery and revision. Never one to pigeonhole, Alana is equally in love with telling compelling true stories and inspiring kids to love reading and writing; she hopes to move her career forward with one foot solidly rooted in both camps: creative nonfiction and kid lit.

Alana is happiest when she sets foot on no fewer than two continents in a year, where she spends a great deal of time exploring and attempting to decode language and culture while away. She is a meticulous researcher, terrible housecleaner, incessant daydreamer, nature lover, and dabbler in all things art-related.

Alana is the Publications Director for CBW-LA and author of “writercize,” a blog brimming with writing prompts for writers, students and teachers. She can be found at

Angie Flores | Marketing Manager (Marketer)

Born and raised in Hollywood, Angie was always destined for some kind of "Stardom.”  

While attending Cal State Dominguez Hills and receiving a BA in Child Psychology and Masters courses in Conflict Negotiations, she met her Prince Charming who became her happily ever after. Now she calls the South Bay her home with her husband and three boys, and her Oscar will just have to wait. 
Angie found her love in writing children's stories and picture books through the concepts and questions her young boys would present. She is also following in her grandmother's footsteps, who illustrated children's books in Germany in the 1920's. 

With over 20 stories waiting to be discovered, Angie continues to write and knows her time will come.  Angie has also written two television pilots, scripts for on-air radio announcements, and a movie script. (Maybe that's where the Oscar will come.) 
Angie has come a long way from her first job at Mann's Chinese Theater popping popcorn.  She has taught physically and mentally challenged children and adults, been an Event Coordinator for weddings and corporations, owned a photography business for babies and weddings, worked as Casting Assistant for a popular casting agency in Hollywood, was a Placement Manager for executives, office personnel, and medical personnel, and served as Human Resources Manager for a major satellite company. 

Currently Angie is a Human Resources Manager on a part-time basis and spends the majority of her work time writing handbooks, policies and procedures, and marketing materials.  Angie is also very active with the Walteria Academic Alliance where she has implemented and coordinated several successful fundraisers for Walteria Elementary School. 

On her down time she loves to travel, make jewelry, and roller skate on the beach. Insomnia usually brings her the time to write her stories.  Angie also reads her stories at different schools for her target audiences, and has spoken to middle school writing classes on the journey of a story and finding motivation.
Since joining the CBW-LA Angie has been able to put her stories in to action, instead of remaining in her journal.  With the CBW-LA, she found a renewed interest in becoming a serious writer and the motivation to take her stories as far as they can go.  With excited eyes, Angie will handle Marketing, Fundraising and Publicity for the CBW-LA.

Cassie Gustafson | Critique Coordinator (Critiquer)

Cassie lives to create, whether writing, painting, scrapbooking, or doodling. 

Her literary interests involve young adult literature, trauma narratives, and underrepresented voices, all of which she explores in her dual graduate program: an MA in English Literature from Cal State Fullerton and an MFA in Writing for Children from Hollins University. She will graduate in the Spring of 2016.

Her eccentric obsessions include red telephone booths, built-in bookshelves with sliding ladders, the sound and smell of rain, anything Tim Burton, and avocado toast. Her less eccentric fixations consist of libraries, bookstores, coffee shops with great coffee, the color blue, and penguins.

Cassie derives her inspiration from Laurie Halse Anderson, whose courage as a writer she admires; from Tim Burton, who taught her that “weird” is often synonymous with genius; and happy people in general. She writes while listening to classical piano, wordless dubstep, or ambient noise. Her current work in progress centers around trauma and contemporary YA.

Currently, she soaks up the sun in Long Beach with her exceptional husband, Carl (a pilot), and black cat, Maui (a princess). She is also an active member of SCBWI.

Her motto is live-laugh-love-(revise)-repeat!

Peleise Smith | Social Media and Publicity Coordinator (Herald)

Peleise (pronounced PE-LAY-SE) has lived in the South Bay / Los Angeles area for so long that she calls herself a permanent tourist. She thrives on the rich cultural tapestry that is ever-evolving in SoCal  and enjoys seeking her next aesthetic experience with her husband.

Through CBW-LA, she discovered that her need to write stemmed from a love of stories and a belief that stories can change the world. She has attended as many CBW-LA workshops as possible including 2014’s Writing Day Anthology Workshop. You can find her work in Story Sprouts: Voice.

Her curious nature lends itself to her love of learning. Don't be surprised if she's learning something different every time you see her. Whether it's social media marketing, user experience research or a little coding, she hopes to channel what she learns into her writing or in a way that helps people. Her current work in progress is a fantasy and historical fiction blend inspired by Samoan folklore and history.

Peleise hopes to help CBW-LA grow its community and dreams of coordinating webinars, Google Hangouts On Air, and Twitter and Facebook chats. She also loves connecting with writers, so feel free to reach out to her on Twitter: @impeleise.

And as Herald, she invites all members and visitors to connect with CBW-LA by doing the following:LIKE our Facebook our Facebook Group: our Google+ page: to us on Twitter:@CBWLA

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