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Our members are able to network with fellow writers, and have access to information and support provided by fellow writers on the road to publication, as well as professionals in the publishing industry who are often invited to conduct various writing workshops.

In our mini-class sessions, we share tips, lessons, and techniques on the craft and business of writing, with particular emphasis on publishing children’s books. We also provide critique sessions so our members may get constructive feedback on their works in progress, as well as creative writing sessions to spark their next great idea, or simply so they can practice their writing and find their voice and style.


One-Year Membership


·       CBW-LA Welcome Letter & ID

·       CBW-LA Pen

·       CBW-LA Button

·       $10 discount on advance purchase workshop and panel tickets, $5 discount at the door

·       FREE critiques (reflects $10 savings per critique)

·       Online access to workshop handouts/worksheets

·       Discounted newsletter advertising rates for authors

Two-Year Membership


·       One-Year Membership Benefits listed above, plus …

·       CBW-LA Tote Bag

·       Savings of $10 for the membership fee over the course of two-year membership period

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