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Does Your Story Have a Passport? Explore How to Craft Content that Publishers, Agents, and Media Producers Will Find Relevant and Attractive

  • 04 Apr 2020
  • 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
  • El Segundo Library 111 W. Mariposa Ave., El Segundo CA 90245



Does Your Story Have a Passport?
Explore How to Craft Content that Publishers, Agents, and Media Producers Will Find Relevant and Attractive

with Kathie Fong Yoneda
& Pamela Jaye Smith

In today’s tech-heavy media world that’s often quite divisive, it’s a smart move to make your stories as universal as possible to reach a wider audience and help create more interconnectivity and open-mindedness between people of all ages – especially children and young people.

For so many countries and cultures English is the preferred second language and with the proliferation of media distribution [print books, e-books, movies, TV, web series, podcasts, etc.] writers have more rich opportunities than ever before. 

Using timeless principles of story-telling, this interactive presentation will explore how you too can craft IP that publishers, agents, managers, and media producers will find relevant and attractive.

Even if your story takes place in a remote village or on another planet or dimension, you can touch upon global issues and universal archetypes that readers in many other places can relate to – while still keeping your story unique to you.

So get your Story a Passport and give it wings to travel round the world!

**Handouts and autographed copies of the speakers' books included.


PAMELA JAYE SMITH  is a mythologist, writer, international consultant-speaker, and award-winning writer-producer-director with over thirty years experience in the media industry in features, TV, music videos, documentaries, corporate and military films, web series, and XR projects in Hollywood and around the world.

Her Cuban Circuit script was a winner at the Bahamas Intl. Film Festival. Pamela has written five books for content creators, is co-author of two children’s books, “Petra Volare” and “Skruffy”, and writes short stories, with a few novels in progress.

Credits include Fox, Disney, Paramount, Microsoft, Universal, RAI-TV Rome,UCLA, USC Film School, American Film Institute, Women in Film, Natl. Film Institute of Denmark, LA and Marseille WebFests, Romance Writers of America, Children’s Book Writers LA, Rocaberti Writers Retreat, media festi­vals and story conferences.

She has written hundreds of articles and most recently her piece on “The First Gods of Mars” was accepted into The Mars Society official library. Pamela recently presented at their Annual Convention.

Various projects have taken Smith to the Arctic, the Andes, SE Asia, Europe, and New Zealand and soon, South Africa.

Her company MYTHWORKS helps people improve their stories, discover and live their Personal Myths, and better present their projects. Pitch Materials She is co-founder of Alpha Babe Academy and Mythic Challenges – Create Stories that Change the World.


With 35 years experience, KATHIE FONG YONEDA has worked for studios like Paramount, Universal, 20th Century Fox, and Disney, focusing on analysis and development of live action/animated film,  television, novels and web series. Her career includes exec positions with Disney, Touchstone, Island Pictures and Disney TV Animation.

Kathie has given over 290 workshops in North America, Europe, Australia and Southeast Asia, and her column on screenwriting became The Script-Selling Game (2nd edition). Partial list of clients include RAI-TV Roma, Rocaberti Writers Retreat, Royal Melbourne Institute, National Film School of Denmark, Bournemouth University, ScreenTraining Ireland, South Carolina Writers, Singapore Media Academy, Romance Writers of America, Roma WebFest, Writers Institute, Children’s Book Writers-LA, Hawaii International Film Festival, ScriptFest, and Melbourne WebFest.

She was a guest of The Soviet Peace Committee for a 10-day media symposium in Moscow and also Keynote Speaker for Asian-Pacific Heritage Month at The Smithsonian. Kathie received the Mayor's medal from the City of Marseille for her work in Cultural Arts and was honored by the BronzeLens Film Festival as a Catalyst SuperStar for her work in media arts.

Clientele includes several award-winning writers. The Script Selling Game (2nd edition) is used in screenwriting curricula in universities worldwide. She also co-exec produced the cable series Beyond the Break, the short film 30 Minutes, the web series The Big O and is on the Advisory Board for IMAGO (French Production Company) and LAWebfest.



 Pamela Jaye’s book SHOW ME THE LOVE! explores different types of universal love (for family, friends, animals, adventure, the land, and more.

For content creators and consumers of all genres, styles, and media this book offers a rich resource, new ideas, and a comprehensive, practical guide to using and understanding the dynamic and dramatic power of all sorts of LOVE.


The Script-Selling Game is like having a mentor in the business who answers your questions and provides you with not only valuable information, but real-life examples on how to maneuver your way through the Hollywood labyrinth. While the first edition focused mostly on film and television movies, the second edition includes a new chapter on animation and another on utilizing the Internet to market yourself and find new opportunities, plus an expansive section on submitting for television and cable.

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