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Story Sprouts Anthology

The Story Sprouts Writing Day Anthology Workshop is CBW-LA annual tradition started in 2013, in which published and aspiring authors create published pieces in the moment. The workshop is open to all writers brave enough to participate. The book is an invaluable resource for writers and teachers looking for new ways to connect with composition.

Here's a bit about the first Story Sprouts installment:

Nineteen talented children’s book authors accepted a challenge to workshop, write, revise, polish, and submit two stories – in public, under the pressure of a six-hour deadline, with the promise of publication. 

In a revolutionary new approach to writing and publishing, the Children’s Book Writers of Los Angeles turned convention upside down with Story Sprouts: CBW-LA Writing Day Exercises and Anthology 2013.

A fresh take on an old classic, the Anthology uncovers the creative process in its raw form, celebrating the seeds of story generation. Framing the authors’ contributions are the 10 writing exercises that guided them along their journey, as well as tips and techniques shared at the workshop.

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Coming Soon: Story Sprouts 2014

The second annual Story Sprouts Writing Day Anthology Workshop took place on Saturday, May 31. We had 25 authors attend from throughout the Los Angeles region.

Anticipated publication date: September 30, 2014

In Gratitude

We would like to thank CBW-LA President Nutschell Anne Windsor for planning and facilitating Story Sprouts 2013. A big thanks also goes to Publications Editor Alana Garrigues and Nutschell for co-editing the book and Secretary Lucy Ravitch, Treasurer Tiffani Barth and Marketing Manager Angie Flores for your generous support and assistance throughout the process!

We could not have done it without our remarkable Publishing Team. Thank you to Keela Jacks of Garrigues Graphics for the cover design, Erin Elizabeth Long of Biblio Tech for copy editing services, Rachel Morgan of Morgan Media for digital and print book formatting, and Sampath Mallawaarachchi for the CBW-LA logo and Story Sprouts bookmarks!

2013 Anthology Authors

  • Stacy Yamaoka Anderson
  • Tiffani Barth 
  • Cacy Duncan 
  • Abi Estrin 
  • Diane H. Fisk 
  • Angie Flores 
  • Alana Garrigues
  • Glenn Jason Hanna 
  • Kristina F. Jordan, M.A. 
  • Lucy Ravitch 
  • Donna Marie Robb 
  • Diane Sepulveda Robinson 
  • Nora Rodriguez 
  • Lissa Ross 
  • Lynne Southerland 
  • Christal Terry 
  • Kathryn Thornton 
  • Cameron S. Ulyate 
  • Nutschell Anne Windsor

For More Information

To read a sampling of Story Sprouts story blurbs, get to know previous anthology authors, learn about how we are giving back to support children's causes, and learn more about the Story Sprouts Anthology, visit
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