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Write the Truth: Creative Nonfiction and Real World Inspiration

  • 08 Nov 2014
  • 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
  • El Segundo Library: 111 W. Mariposa Ave., El Segundo, CA 90245


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Write the Truth: Creative Nonfiction and Real World Inspiration
with Alana Garrigues

If you think nonfiction stories are just for dingy college libraries and assigned reading lists, think again! Readers and publishers alike have embraced true stories as a major market in the literary world. In February of this year, Amazon reported nonfiction books make up 22% of the market share. And while the New York Times keeps their book sales best seller tracking logarithm under close wraps, making it difficult to track sales and earnings, readers flock to both their nonfiction and fiction titles in the stores.

Plus, if writers "write what they know," isn't there a little nonfiction hiding in all of our stories?

In this workshop, you will discover:
  • What is the difference between nonfiction, "inspired by a true story," and historical fiction?
  • Who coined the phrase "True Stories Well Told" and what does it mean?
  • How do you write "creative nonfiction"?
  • How can thinking like a journalist uncover story ideas and opportunities for all writers?
  • What are the genres that fall under nonfiction?
  • How do you make a nonfiction story dazzle and pop?
  • Why should children's writers look at nonfiction as a real, viable market right now?
  • How can your personal history, family and friends make you a better writer?
  • What do agents and publishers look for in a nonfiction book proposal?
  • How can all writers build publishing credit and make money on nonfiction projects?
This workshop will include handouts, original writing prompts designed to unlock your creativity, and tips on how to use nonfiction techniques to improve your current project.

Please bring a laptop or a pen and paper.

This workshop also includes your choice of Story Sprouts Volume II: Voice or Heartbeats: Voices Against Oppression (contains adult content).

About The Speaker
Alana Garrigues is a freelance journalist in the South Bay; she covers Hermosa Beach news for The Beach Reporter and is also published in Daily Breeze. She is the Publications Director for CBW–LA and the co-editor of Story Sprouts, CBW–LA's annual Writing Day Workshop Resource and Anthology. The first edition of CBW–LA Story Sprouts has earned a five-star average rating on Amazon.

Her current projects include a creative nonfiction "humorous humanitarian" account of a So Cal nurse who moves to West Africa to start up a non-profit and several first drafts of children's nonfiction books.

Alana also writes company bios for small businesses and loves to volunteer as an art and nutrition teacher at her daughters' school in Redondo Beach. Her website is

Date: Sat., Nov. 8, 2014

Time: 1:00–4:00 p.m.

Venue: El Segundo Library

Fee: $35

*$10 Discount for CBW-LA Members who pay online

*$5 Discount for CBW-LA Members who pay at the door

*Fee includes workshop materials, handouts and worksheets and your choice of book:
Story Sprouts: Voice

(CBW-LA Writing Day
Resource and Anthology 2014)


Heartbeats: Voices Against Oppression
(Fictional Anthology to Fight Human Trafficking;
Adult Content)

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