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BEYOND THE HERO'S JOURNEY: Other Powerful Mythic Themes and Trends for Children's and Young Adult Storytelling

  • 04 Mar 2017
  • 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
  • 3301 Airport Drive, Torrance CA 90501 - Zamperini Field Meeting Room


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BEYOND THE HERO'S JOURNEY: Other Powerful Mythic Themes and Trends for Children's and Young Adult Storytelling

with Kathie Fong Yoneda

& Pamela Jaye Smith

Are you frustrated because your Children's or Young Adult story doesn't fit the storytelling pattern of the Hero's Journey?

Did you know there are dozens of other powerful Mythic Themes you can use like The Wakeup Call, Search for the Soul Mate, Search for the Promised Land, Don’t Ask – Don’t Tell, Stealing Fire From Heaven, and many more?

And what exactly have the agents, editors and publishers been excited about most recently?

Authors and storytelling/media specialists Pamela Jaye Smith and Kathie Fong Yoneda will tackle those questions and more, while showing you:

*           How to align your project with timeless Mythic and Universal Storytelling Themes.

*           The importance of creating the 3 Mythic Statements to make your story memorable.

*           How to utilize your presentation skills to agents, editors and the public.

*           How to select the Plot Points best suited for your style, genre and time period while retaining your own unique style.

Use the Mythic Themes and Statements to tap into our collective unconscious and create what we all yearn for in stories: familiarity and surprise. The familiarity comes from using these inherent universal patterns. The surprise comes from telling the stories and crafting the characters with your own unique style and vision.

**Writers will each get a five minute session with Kathie and Pamela Jaye to work on their pitch, talk about theme, plot, characters, or whatever they like.


Pamela Jaye Smith is a mythologist, writer, international consultant-speaker, and award-winning writer-producer-director with over thirty years experience in the media industry. Her Cuban Circuitscript was a recent winner at the Bahamas Intl. Film Festival.  Pamela authored 5 books for media-makers, is co-author of two children’s books, Petra Volare and Skruffy, writes short stories and articles and teaches online for writers groups. Her company MYTHWORKS helps people improve their stories, live their personal myths, and better present their projects.  Pitch Materials  PitchProxy Pros. She is co-founder of Alpha Babe Academy and Mythic Challenges – Create Stories that Change the World.

Kathie Fong Yoneda is an entertainment consultant specializing in development and marketing of live action and animated film, television, literary, and web projects. A former exec at Disney, Touchstone, Island Pictures, and Disney TV Animation, she has taught workshops worldwide.  Her clientele includes several award-winning writers and she is the author of The Script-Selling Game. Kathie serves on the board of directors for Imago (French production company) and The LAWEBFEST and she co-exec produced the cable series Beyond The Break and teaches a popular online class, Pitch & Presentation, for Screenwriters University. Kathie can be reached online at


Having trouble making your story fit the pattern of The Hero's Journey?

Can't quite make those paradigms match your own characters and plot?

Maybe that's because your story is actually based on a different pattern.

Contrary to popular opinion, The Hero's Journey is not the only Mythic Theme. It's certainly a good one but it is only one of many.

A few years after the publication of Hero With a Thousand Faces, Dr. Joseph Campbell modified his position and observed that for different times and places there were different mythic structures and archetypes.

This book introduces you to many other powerful Mythic Themes ranging from "About Face" to "Damsel in Distress", from "Stealing Fire From Heaven" to "The Wakeup Call".

Each Mythic Theme is explained and explored via:

* Media Echoes - other media on the same theme

* The Myth itself

* Mythic Meaning

* Symbols, Analogies, Metaphors, and more

* Plot Points - guidelines for your own story

* Mythic Statements - Theme, Mission, and Lesson

Using the guidelines in this workbook you can:

* Refine and focus your story theme.

* Select an appropriate sub-plot to enhance your story.

* Use the Plot Points as guidelines for plot drivers, incidences, and scenes in your story.

* Use symbols and images to spark audience recognition.

* Maintain your originality while tapping into the timeless power of these classic myths.

* Take your place in the long line of myth-makers who create moving and memorable stories that engage and entertain your audience.

Add Beyond the Hero's Journey to your writing library today!

The Script-Selling Game is like having a mentor in the business who answers your questions and provides you with not only valuable information, but real-life examples on how to maneuver your way through the Hollywood labyrinth. While the first edition focused mostly on film and television movies, the second edition includes a new chapter on animation and another on utilizing the Internet to market yourself and find new opportunities, plus an expansive section on submitting for television and cable.

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