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Kickstarter Crowdfunding Success Strategies

  • 23 Sep 2017
  • 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
  • El Segundo Main Library 111 W. Mariposa Ave. El Segundo CA 90245


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Kickstarter Crowdfunding
Success Strategies

Discover everything that worked to make Author Sheri Fink's crowdfunding campaign a success and determine if Kickstarter and crowdfunding are right for your project. Sheri will share behind-the-scenes strategies that could help in your marketing. She will reveal the most effective strategies she used to spread the word about her book's pre-order campaign and to exceed her ambitious Kickstarter goal.

This Kickstarter course will be helpful to you if you’re thinking about crowdfunding a project or just want to discover new marketing mindsets and strategies for your business, your book, your charity, or your products. 

Questions Sheri will answer in detail include:

  1. What did I do to spread the word about the campaign?
  2. What marketing channels and strategies were the most effective at inspiring people to contribute and get involved?
  3. What strategies didn't work and could be avoided in the future to save time, energy, and money?
  4. What was the actual experience of running an ambitious 30-day Kickstarter campaign like?
  5. What advice do I have for someone who wants to bring their dream to life via crowdfunding?

Speaker's Bio:

SHERI FINK is an inspirational speaker, #1 best-selling author, and the creator of “The Whimsical World of Sheri Fink” award-winning brand. She creates books, products, and experiences that inspire and delight kids of all ages while planting seeds of self-esteem. All 5 of her books have become #1 best-sellers, including The Little Rose which was a #1 Amazon Best-seller for 60 weeks. Sheri has expanded her inspirational brand with books, live events, beauty items, and music all designed to create magical experiences for her Fans. CBS Los Angeles selected her as one of the top 3 authors in her local area, a distinction she shares with Dean Koontz. Her brand is the recipient of the prestigious Mom’s Choice Award for the best in family friendly entertainment.

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