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Have Story Will Travel: Finding the Story Structure Method that Works For the Story You Want to Tell

  • 03 Jun 2023
  • 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
  • Online via Zoom


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Have Story Will Travel:
Finding the Story Structure Method that Works For the Story You Want to Tell

with Tim Cummings

How am I supposed to know how to structure my novel when there seem to be so many ways I can do it and no one will tell me definitively whether any particular way is better than the other? The Classic Story Structure, The Hero’s Journey, The Seven-Point Structure, The Kishotenketsu Method, The Three-Act Structure, The Snowflake Method, A Disturbance and Two Doors, The Story Circle, Freytag’s Pyramid, and Fichtean Curve...are you kidding me?! Why so many?! And, why are they all...pretty much the same, let's be honest.

Well, there are many ways we can get to a certain place, right? If I want to go home to NYC to see my best friend win a big award, for instance, I have some options: I can fly, I can drive, I can walk, I can hitchhike, I can car-pool, I can take a boat. If I'm a magical witch or wizard, I can disapparate. The larger question is why I might choose to get there a certain way rather than all other possible ways. And when applied to your novel, this has to do with your own individual story, your characters, and what you want to ultimately convey after all is said and done. So if I hitchhike, I'm taking a huge risk. Maybe your book is full of dangerous risks. If I take a boat, I might get slammed by a storm and have to steer the vessel home. Maybe your book is full of bravery. If I disapparate, I might end up in the wrong place and wrong time period. Maybe your book explores feeling lost and needing to get back home....

Join author Tim Cummings for an exploration of these endless possible story structures, and learn how to lean in to your instincts when it comes to deciding the best way to get you, and your readers, to the intended destination.

NOTE: This workshop will be hosted over Zoom. Attendees will receive the link once they register for this event. 




Tim holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Antioch University Los Angeles and a BFA from New York University/Tisch School of the Arts. Recent publications include F(r)iction, Scare Street, Lunch Ticket, Meow Meow PowPow, From Whispers to Roars, Drunk Monkeys, Hare's Paw, and Critical Read/RAFT, for which he won the "Origins" essay contest. He runs several Writing Workshops per year (online and in-person),offers Manuscript Consulting and individual writing coaching. He teaches writing for UCLA Extension Writers' Program. His debut novel, ALICE THE CAT, is published  by Fitzroy Books.

Learn more about Tim here:

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